While all the hype is about Manning vs. Manning, the fact is only one Manning will be on the field at any given time. What this game will really come down to is to the Manning brothers versus the defenses of both teams.

That’s where the Giants have an advantage. Houston absolutely shredded the Colts defense last week with Arian Foster rushing for 231 yards. Expect the Giants to try and duplicate that effort with Bradshaw and Jacobs piling up the carries and shortening the game. New York also got very good news this week when Aaron Ross was cleared to play. Ross will take snaps tonight as a cornerback for the first time since the 2008 season and his return gives the Giants three premium cover guys to flummox Peyton Manning.

Expect plenty of points tonight as both teams will stretch the opposing defense. But, the Giants have plenty of defensive weapons and they should do just enough to sneak out of Indy with a win and improve to 2-0.