2005_03_renaultzoe.jpgThe NY Times wonders why there are such big cars in the city, as many auto manufacturers are bring teeny tiny "city cars" to the International Auto Show, like the Renault Zoe. Apparently, the Times didn't get the memo that NYers will try to find ways to maximize their space, from getting mini-storage at a warehouse to mini-store on wheels in the form of an SUV. Plus, bigger is always better, ain't it? Anyway, Gothamist was amused by the failed introductions of smaller cars (like the Smart car) to the U.S.; again, when New Yorkers see their American brethren driving across country in their souped up SUVs, clearly there's a envy factor. So that's the illogical explanation as to why there are not only Hummers in the city, but also those ridiculous SUV limos carting the prom kids in town.

Also at the Auto Show: A fight between some Crips and some Bloods occured last night. According to the NY Post, it's "become a tradition for gang members to attend the show on Easter." Even the Crips and Bloods have their Easter traditions - fabulous!

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Photo of Renault Zoe from MSN