The Dancing and Rapping Colonel

KFC probably never thought the day would come when they would miss the "hip" cartoon Colonel Sanders (who rapped!), but now that they had to pull their ads touting the relative "health benefits" of eating fried chicken, you'd have to wonder how their ad agency managed to sell that concept to them (a case of either a very slick ad person or a very stupid client). The Center for Science in Public Interest sent the FTC a letter condemning the ads ("The ad then states that a skinless chicken breast has 'only 3 grams of fat.' This may be accurate, it is rather disingenuous considering how few people eat KFC's fried chicken without its breading and skin."), causing the FTC to launch an investigation and KFC to pull the ads. Now, there is a lot of crappy advertising out there, and most people would recognize this as hucksterism, but let's face it, a number of people are also stupid and this is reckless (at least when Jason Alexander was the pitchman, you could think, "Hey, if I eat fried chicken, I'll be Costanza-y"). However, this bizarre logic of fried chicken as healthier eating would pay off with Homer Simpson, per his diet.

You can also watch the commercials at AdAge.