The race to replace Anthony Weiner in Congress is getting busy as a bee as it heads into the final stretch before Tuesday's special election. Just as polls show Republican Bob Turner taking the lead in the race [PDF], we've got The Donald stepping in to support him, an attack ad from Democrat David Weprin being pulled almost immediately because it used imagery of a plane flying over lower Manhattan (which was "as dumb as President Obama sending Air Force One over the Statue of Liberty for publicity shots," according to a Turner spokesman), yet more anti-Turner ads and one last, relatively unexciting, debate for good measure. In the end, David Weprin's only hope may very well be his wicked dance moves:

Seriously, at this point—with Turner leading against Weprin by 6 points according to Siena and gay marriage and Israel continuing to be a problem for him with voters on the left who should be sure things—the whole thing really could come down to the Assemblyman's twinkle toes. Which kind of explains why the Democratic House Majority PAC (when it isn't pulling ads almost as soon as it runs them) is running hokey anti-Tea Party spots like these: