NY has long had an uneasy alliance with Connecticut. Sure, it takes a bitter, drunken train ride with a bunch of gassy people to get there, but any place that is willing to give Bobby Valentine a job in government can't be all bad. So despite the distance, we've gone along with the whole Tri-State area thing, which incorporates three of the state's eight counties, Fairfield, New Haven and Litchfield, and a majority of the state's population. But it seems that CT has been having its cake and eating it:

The state is designated as part of both the Tri-State area AND the six-state hydra known as New England, due to its inclusion on the Discover New England tourism website and organization. In December, CT was erased from the map on the site for failing to pay its annual organizational dues ($100,000), but they were just added back on today. This experience has brought a serious issue to light though: Can Connecticut really be considered a part of both New England AND the Tri-State Area? And most importantly, did Connecticuters root for the Jets or the Patriots last Sunday?