Just in time for Christmas—the holiday that puts plenty of pups in present boxes—City Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley is trying to cut down on puppy mills by pushing for "puppy birth certificates." The certificate would include breed, birthplace, and fur color, and the proposed bill would mandate that each dog have one (kind of like Pound Puppies!). Crowley explained at a press conference yesterday, "If you're going to bring a dog into your family, you should know where this dog is coming from."

The certificates would be filed with the Department of Health and would ultimately help the city regulate local pet stores, as opposed to the state. Crowley believes that about 90% of the dogs in city pet stores are the product of puppy mills (which are pretty horrifying), and according to the Daily News, the ASPCA estimates that 60% of those puppy mills are in Missouri.

The ASPCA's Michelle Villagomez said, "We want New Yorkers to think twice and put some thought in finding the right pet for their family. People buy on a whim, but once the animal gets a little bit bigger, they get turned over to shelters." If you are going to procure a live animal for someone this holiday season, adopt (and try to refrain from picking any novelty animals that will just end up in shelters anyway).