102908loathing.jpgThe longest campaign on record has taken a heavy toll on political reporters, according to a funny article in The New Republic. Marriages are frayed, lifestyles are unhealthy, and now they're freaking out about adjusting to civilian life come next Wednesday. Times reporter Matt Bai says, "There are guys who went out to the primaries in November, December, and thought they'd be done in February or March, and they just never came home. They never came home." The New Yorker's Ryan Lizza describes the Obama campaign plane: "It felt like the Lord of the Flies in there. The people who have been there for a long time have all of their little decorations and knickknacks all over the back of the plane. Everyone's a little grumpy and territorial, and there's this sense of people thrown together who have been with each other way too long. I got the sense that I was dropping in on a hostage-captor situation." But who knows, maybe the election will be contested like in 2000 and they won't have to face the real world just yet.