Here's a cautionary tale that anyone headed to Comic Con this weekend might want to take under advisory: a father and son decked out in camouflage and carrying realistic-looking fake guns caused a security scare and massive delays at the Long Island Rail Road yesterday. “If they went as Batman and Robin, nobody really would have raised an eyebrow,” LIRR spokesman Salvatore Arena joked to the Post.

The unidentified duo got on the 12:32 train to Penn Station at Valley Stream. A crew member who noticed them before they got onboard immediately called the cops, who escorted them off the train once they arrived. Everything was cleared up, and the two were let go without any charges. But Arena noted that their costumes “would give anyone pause. We’re sorry there was a delay, but I’m sure everyone involved realizes the crew did what they had to do. The safety of our passengers is the number one priority.” We wonder if these two army-clad young ladies above would have been treated any differently in this situation.