2005_08_subwayphonepervdn.jpgIn the slow August news season, it takes about two days from a story to make it from the webby trenches to be the cover story of the Daily News. Thao Nguyen's cameraphone picture of a subway masturbator seems to work perfectly in the Daily News's cameraphone-empowerment stories - they covered the cameraphone captures sleeping token booth clerk in March and the Catholic school girls showing a cameraphone picture of a perv to the police, who nabbed the guy. The Daily News spoke to a NYPD detective who said, "If [taking a picture] can be done in a safe manner, it'd be helpful to locate the suspect. Common sense should be used when deciding if a picture can be taken." Nguyen, who had looked at thousands of pictures of ex-cons when she went to a precinct to file her complaint, told the DN that even though he's not caught, she's satisfied: "He made me feel creepy. I want to embarrass him." This is totally going to be a Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode.