The Daily News might not be able to hold a Scratch 'N' Match contest, but they do love using subway cellphones to prove points! On their cover today, the News announces that a subway flasher in Queens was caught via cameraphone by some Catholic schoolgirls. Apparently, the suspect, Wilfredo Ponte (whom the News calls "the alleged pervert"), had flashed previously on the F, but when he flashed some girls at 179th St. station, they fought back - fought back with technology! A police source says the freaked out girls found a police office and showed him the picture; then the police officer nabbed Ponte from a train. The source added that the officer took him "upstairs where the girl IDs him. A little bit of new-age policing." Ha! And the NYPD and MTA wanted to ban photography on the subways? Not so fast! Gothamist is stunned that the girls got it together to take a picture, because when we got flashed (well, not so much flashed as forced to have a dude pleasuring himself right next to us), we just wanted to vomit. And, no, we don't want that picture on the NYC Subway Flickr page...most anything else we'll take.

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