This past Saturday was the Horses Without Carriages International Day, which in New York had around 30 activists protesting outside the West Side Livery stable (pictured). The establishment was recently the subject of an undercover report by Animals'Angels USA, the results of which have just been released (PDF). The protesting group included members of the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn carriages, who asked how "the Dickensian conditions could be allowed to exist."

The prominent issues found during the investigation included "complete lack of fire safety, lack of a ventilation system, the size and condition of the stalls, toxic ammonia-saturated air and stifling hot temperatures" Regarding fire safety, one speaker noted that if a fire were to occur on the ground floor, the steep ramps would act like a chimney, bringing the smoke to the upper floors where horses are tethered to feeding troughs.

See video on West Side Livery stable here; and the BHDC has more information on NYC carriage horses.