It's a slow Sunday after-Christmas/before-New Year's for the tabloids. The Daily News cover story is about former Police Commissioner (and ex-con) Bernard Kerik accusing his old, high-profile lawyer Joseph Tacopina of fraud while the Post puts former governor Eliot Spitzer's sext life back on its front page, with a call girl's accusation that he liked choking her. Which is something that was reported back in 2009! Guess the Post wanted to nauseate all of us—in addition to making Roger Stone's day:

The "new" angle in this is that the accusations are from the call girl's new book. Rebecca Woodard, using the pen name Rebecca Kade, has her memoir, "Call Girl Confidential," coming out next week. According to the Post, Woodard met Spitzer while working for madam and one-time gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis.

2013_12_callgirlconfid.jpgDavis allegedly warned her, "He didn’t want mainstream intercourse... He definitely wanted a struggle." When Woodard met Spitzer, it was at the Corinthian, a building built by Spitzer's real estate developer dad.

“He wasn’t squeezing,” she recalls of the governor’s hands at her neck. “He was pushing down. I was on my back. I don’t know if he was trying to really hurt me, but he was . . .

“I was nervous. I was worried. This is not OK, I thought . . .

“It got rough,” she writes. “And then he put his hands around my throat, strangling me.
“He wasn’t pretending to be a rapist. But he was like an attacker. I still had my lingerie on. He was naked. He was aroused,” she writes.

“I thought, What do I do to get this part over with? What can I do? At some point, we have to get down to having sex and move on."

Woodard wrote, "He was like some of the guys who envision themselves in a porn movie." She also says Spitzer sweat a lot, nicknaming him "Governor Shvitzer."

The bio of Woodard's book says, "Strictly raised as a Southern Baptist, Rebecca Kade never dreamed she would compromise her values by someday becoming a high-priced escort. But when her rock star former lover took her to court in a drawn-out custody battle for their daughter, Rebecca’s legit day job barely covered her exorbitant legal fees. She needed to make money and lots of it—fast. "

That rock star former lover? Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors!!! Their custody war happened in 2005. Barron wasn't very happy that Woodard and their daughter were living with a man served time for trying to rape women at Manhattan clubs.

Woodard also worked for Millionaire Madam Anna Gristina and became an informant for the Manhattan DA's office. Gristina told the Post she understands Woodard just wanted to protect her own family. Still, Gristina thew some shade, "She was just one of my budget, all-American girls. She only earned $400 an hour. She had no boobs."