A California fashion designer who recently moved to Brooklyn was pistol-whipped by a thief who was pretending to be a panhandler this week. Police say that Scott McFarland, 32, was walking on Norman Avenue in Greenpoint around 3 p.m. Sunday when he was approached by Meredith Lambson, 34, who asked for directions and change for a dollar. “He looked like a normal guy,” McFarland told the News from his hospital bed at Bellevue Hospital. “He wanted my money and he started pistol-whipping me. He said he wanted the money over and over.”

Lambson allegedly pulled out a 9-mm. handgun and hit McFarland in the face, forcing him to give over his cell phone and cash. McFarland then chased him down Guernsey Street, where he was pistol-whipped, punched and kicked again. McFarland, who recently moved to the city from San Francisco to intern at a fashion company, suffered a broken eye socket, nose and jaw, as well as a gash on the back of his head, missing teeth and massive swelling.

“I’m busted up pretty bad,” he told the News. "My face is a mess.” Lambson was caught later that day on Sunday; he has been charged with assault, robbery, possession of a firearm, grand larceny, criminal possession of a weapon, menacing and harassment.