Photo: Reuters

For the love wacky ways to get into the record books: Russians attempt to make the biggest cup of cappuccino for Russian record books. Reuters reports that "30 liters of water, 70 liters of milk and 7 kg of coffee" was used for that cup. Gothamist questoins: (1) If this cup were sold, would the proposed (but probably never to be passed) latte tax would be just 10 cents, or would the drink be charged per serving size? (2) How late are the people drinking from it staying up? Or was it decaf? (3) Ew, it looks unsanitary. Just like the eggnog from the holiday party we had too much of.

Gorilla Coffee in Park Slope was voted best espresso in NY by NY magazine; other coffee picks from NY Mag here. Another option is the Mud Truck. And for the rest of us working in areas without mom-and-pop specialty coffe joints, Starbucks locations in NY. And the Times had an article about high-end consumer coffee makers being all the rage with the Humvee set. Plus Adam Gopnik's essay about NY coffee shops, via MUG.