The NY Times story about the "barista bandits" in Seattle who have been holding up drive-up espresso huts both intrigued and concerned us, as we love bizarre crime story but don't want our java friends at Seattlest to be caught in the crossfire. But then there's this:

Also arrested was Perfect J. Soto, 31, of Brooklyn, who the authorities said was wanted in New York for violating parole from a felony drug conviction. The police said Mr. Soto was picked up with two knives and two sets of brass knuckles and was charged with obstructing justice and possession of a dangerous weapon, both misdemeanors.

But, Seattle police, people from Brooklyn always carry two sets of brass knucles and two knives - it's how they roll. Anyway, Mr. Perfect hasn't been charged with the robberies, but the Seattle police think he and his partner, a sometimes glued-on-goatee-wearing Lindsey Nicole Pruitt, were giong to hit up area banks, since he threw away the phone book's "Banks" pages.

Seattlest on coffee.