Around 8 p.m. last night this alert came in over the police scanner wire service: Car Vs. Building. (WHO WILL WIN?!) Unfortunately, this bout was more of a tag team Car Vs. Human Vs. Scaffolding Vs. Building. An unidentified woman was struck by a taxi driver that jumped in the curb at Sixth Avenue at 54th Street. She was pinned against the scaffolding, which partially collapsed, but fortunately she's going to be okay: the FDNY says she was taken to the hospital with a head injury, but in stable condition. (The cab driver was okay, and no charges filed.) Of course, as one sage bystander notes, all this could have been avoided if the cab had just stayed where it belongs.

"Cabs don't belong on the sidewalk," Diana Pantoja, a server at Randolph's Bar and Lounge who witnessed the accident, informed DNAinfo. "They belong on the street. ... But that's why some people are scared of sidewalks." Indeed, you'll want to keep this story away from any loved ones who might be suffering from sidewalkaphobia. After all, walking is harrowing enough this time of year, what with all the tourists who refuse to stay in their designated lanes. Now we have to worry about cars getting in our way, too? And don't even get us started on our paralyzing fear of where the sidewalk ends.