If you hate waiting for a cab at the airport, then imagine how the cab drivers feel, waiting hours at a time in a holding pen before being allowed to pick up passengers at a terminal.

Surely there is some way to match up the waiting passenger with the waiting taxi. No? Anyway, the Daily News reports that some drivers were paying their way to the front of the line. All whilst passengers just stood there like suckers, not bribing a soul in their own line.

All in all, "six JFK Airport dispatchers were nabbed Monday for taking bribes from cabbies who wanted to avoid long waits to pick up fares. Queens prosecutors said the dispatchers accepted payouts of $5 and $10 to let taxi drivers avoid waits of as long as three hours." The side business netted them hundreds of extra dollars on a busy day, but created an unfair "playing field for all cab drivers," according to the Port Authority's inspector general.