2005_03_railyards.jpgAha: It seems that Cablevision bid for the MTA's West Side railyards is actually $40 million more than the Jets' $720 million bid. But the most interesting - and aggressive - thing about the Cablevision bid is that it's for $760 million in cash, whether or not the city allows them to rezone for the development they'd like. Now, that's the "Damn!" moment. And we knew corporations had Scrooge McDuck-type vaults of cash to swim in! Gothamist will guess that that next step in this game of "Mine is bigger than yours" will include unicorns and ligers.

The Scrooge McDuck page. Scrooge is number 5 on Forbes' Fictional Fifteen Richest, um, Fictional Characters list; C. Montgomery Burns is a mere 12.

Photo from Angel Franco for NY Times