The weekend starts off on a sour note as news of brutal murder in broad daylight comes out. Senegalese immigrant and livery driver Modou Diop, 48, was pumping gas at a BP on Boston Road in Morrisania in the Bronx early yesterday morning when he was approached by a bum who demanded a cigar. When Diop refused the homeless man pulled out a knife, slashed Diop's throat and walked calmly away. The perpetrator is described as a light-skinned black man with short curly hair, between 18 and 25 and weighing 140 to 160 pounds. Diop, a limo driver who had been in New York since the late 80s, leaves behind a wife and children still in Senegal.

The Post quotes another driver who says that there have been a rash of similar robberies lately (none of the other papers make any mention of it, make of that what you will). "They broke into my car last week, they're stealing radios and cameras from cabs," José Lopez said. "They are after us up here."

There is a $1,500 reward for any new information about the crime (call 718-589-3600).

Photograph from Newsday.