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Taxis drivers are now required to take people to Bronx, Queens, Harlem, or even parts of Brooklyn in spite of their misgivings or lack of borough knowledge, in a new ruling by the state appeals court. And if cabbies do refuse to drive to those places, their licenses can be revoked. The Taxi & Limousine Commission said the ruling was "clear victory for [the] riding public. ... The handful of drivers who illegally refuse service simply do not belong behind the wheel of a taxicab." The ruling, though, does not address different security concerns some drivers might have about driving to deserted areas, but its spirit certainly makes sense. Gothamist remembers the days when cabbies were reluctant to take us back to Park Slope, when Fifth Avenue was scary.

Instances when cabbies should be forced to drive passengers:
– When you're in a group of five people. Safety, schmafety, who cares if one of you has to lie across everyone's laps?
– When you or your friend looks clearly drunk; if we walk, we'd come home with skinned knees. Just don't drive too fast, because that makes us throw up.

Intstance when cabbies should not drive you:
– When it's clear that you and the person you're with have just met, are way too drunk, and that the ensuing hookup would be bad news.