Despite the de Blasio administration's commitment to Vision Zero, there's been a surge of pedestrian fatalities so far in 2014, including a 9-year-old boy who was fatally struck by a cab driver on the Upper West Side in front of his father. Taxi driver Koffi Komlani was only given a $300 summons for failure to yield to a pedestrian in that incident, and still has his license. It turns out that this pattern is routine.

The Post reports that only two taxi drivers out of 16 involved in fatal or serious crashes since 2009 have had their licenses revoked. This includes Usman Gul, who fatally struck 5-year-old deaf child Timothy Keith in Brooklyn in 2012. Gul said he wasn't able to break in time to stop his cab when Keith ran into the street, telling the Post he didn't feel guilty: "Actually, no, I’m not too much sad. Actually, I’m not this fault happen [sic]," he said.

There's Syed Nazir, who allegedly hit an SUV and ended up in The Bean coffee shop at First Avenue and Third Street in September 2010. His car struck several people, including a 71-year-old whose leg was snapped. And last summer, cabbie Faysal Himon careened up onto a Midtown sidewalk and severed the foot of British tourist Sian Green.

Himon later blamed the incident on a cyclist: "When I crashed, I didn’t even see the lady. At first, I didn’t think I hit anyone, then I saw her foot by my car. I can’t get it out of my mind... I personally feel that if that man on the bike didn’t bang on my car, maybe this would not have happened." Himon still has a current taxi license.

"This culture of acceptance that traffic fatalities and serious injuries are the normal course of urban living, like the weather, is no longer acceptable," Gene Russianoff, an attorney for the Straphangers Campaign who is advocating for mandatory post-accident suspensions, told the Post. "It is not acceptable to have people who have killed pedestrians or grievously harmed them to maintain their license."

You may not lose your license if you slice off someone's foot or fatally strike them, but you will lose it if you sexually harass a female passenger.