Bank robber Robert Krieg and his 32-year-old accomplice John Gregg rode in cabs to some of the banks they held up, and had drivers run the meter while they made off with the money. Taking cabs allowed them to get around town fast and made for a quick getaway but, at least for Krieg, it ultimately led to arrest after a cabbie commandeered his ID and described him to the cops.

On February 1st the pair robbed three banks. Each time, 42-year-old Krieg waited in the taxi while his Gregg went inside and slipped a note to the teller, reports the Post. But on February 3rd a driver protested when a dye packet exploded in the money bag. According to a maintenance worker who was on the scene: "When [Gregg] hopped into the cab, the dye pack exploded, and the cabdriver didn't want to go. [He] got out of the cab, and the money fell out of his coat. The guy was really nervous and just started running down the street."

Krieg yelled to the driver to open the trunk, where his ID was stashed, but the cabbie refused. Cops nabbed Gregg the next day, but Krieg donned a blond wig to rob two more banks before he was arrested drinking a cup of coffee Saturday morning in Penn Station. A captain was able to spot him based on drivers' descriptions. "He's not the brightest bulb in the Christmas tree," opined one police source.