2007_06_evans.jpgYesterday in Bed-Stuy, the NYPD arrested a man accused of robbing eight cabbies in a two week period. Earl Evans, whose driver's license said he was from Nashville, is described as a "hulking country bumpkin" by the Daily News. For good reason too - his license said he's 6-foot-3 and 320 pounds. As if his size wasn't intimidating for the cab drivers he robbed, he also had a very realistic looking 9mm Glock. Evans would allegedly hail the taxis and get in the front seat before demanding money. All told, $1,000 was stolen in the eight robberies.

There are conflicting reports of how exactly the police knew where to look for Evans. The Daily News says that Evans always asked to be dropped off at the same subway stop in his neighborhood, giving them a good place to look. In The Post, they make no mention of the subway stop, but quote a TLC source who said Evans left behind a cellphone during a robbery.

The fake gun even gave Police Commissioner Ray Kelly the heeby jeebies:

"It actually had a clip with a magazine that you put in and it had bullets. But it was not a real gun," Kelly said. "But obviously it looks very, very real."

"It also has a slide on it," he added. "You can rack the slide back and forth. It would certainly scare me."

The head of the NYPD's central robbery squad added that, "This is the best one I've seen. It's very heavy." As of now, the police don't know where Evans bought the gun. The Post also has a graphic detailing the dates and locations that Evans allegedly hailed the cabs before robbing them. Evans' family is shocked at the news, and that he is "such a human, caring person," and that he only recently moved to New York.