Last August, cab driver Mohammed Himon struck a cyclist and jumped the curb outside Rockefeller Center, hitting a British tourist on the sidewalk and severing her leg. Despite the fact that Himon, 24, admitted to hitting a cyclist in anger before striking Green, the Manhattan DA's office declined to prosecute him. And now, Himon is back on the road behind the wheel of a cab.

The Post discovered that Himon has been driving a yellow cab out of 28th Street Management since February 14th. "He has been driving regularly, uneventfully—thank God — and just doing what he has to do," Himon’s lawyer, Cynthia Fisher, told them. She added that he has taken another defensive-driving course since the incident.

Himon, who blamed cyclist Kenneth Olivo for distracting him and causing the incident, said at the time that he didn't want to drive a taxi anymore after everything that had happened: "I need a more suitable job. There’s too much stress when you’re driving in the city," Himon said.

His license was only suspended for one month, and he went back to driving a cab in September, but was fired quickly. "I asked if he had any accidents. He said no. He drove here two days," a manager ­at Arthur Cab in Queens told the Post. "The TLC called and asked if he was working for us, and then they told me." Apparently Himon didn't drive a cab again until this year.

His lawyer said he's still figuring out what he wants to do, and whether he wants to pursue medicine: "He brought his family over here. Right now he’s trying to maintain them until he figures out what his next move is going to be," Fisher said. "I don’t think he’s really made up his mind yet."

Green, who is living in Leicester, has sued the city for $27.5 million, alleging that the cabbie's license should have been suspended before the incident due to his many violations.