The taxi driver who struck a cyclist in Midtown and plowed into a tourist, severing her leg, has gone back to driving a cab.

Streetsblog reports that following a 30 day suspension, driver Mohammed Himon picked up his TLC license on September 26. TLC spokesman Allan Fromberg said, “Without any action having been taken against him by the DA’s office or the NYPD, there’s no lawful basis for TLC to have held it beyond the 30-day suspension he served."

Himon was reportedly arguing with a cyclist near Rockefeller Center on August 20th when he struck the cyclist and drove up onto the sidewalk, hitting 23-year-old Sian Green, who was visiting the city from London with her friend. Green's leg was severed, and several passersby stopped to help stem her bleeding. Himon received an administrative summons for unauthorized operation of his vehicle, and was suspended for 30 days at a TLC hearing. His driving record includes several moving violations for speeding and running a red light, and an accident in 2010 in which one person was injured.

After the crash, Himon held a press conference and gave interviews to the media in which he blamed the cyclist for Green's injuries.

The NYPD's Collision Investigation Unit investigated the incident, and an NYPD spokesman said the department provided the results to the Manhattan DA's office. But the spokesman was doubtful that Himon would face charges, noting that it appeared to be an instance of pedal misapplication.

A representative from Manhattan DA Cy Vance's office told Streetsblog, “This case is an open and active investigation.”

Notably, Green's case did not come up at Monday's City Council oversight hearing for the NYPD's Collision Investigation Squad, in which it was revealed that the department does not keep track of investigations into incident involving non-fatal, non-critical injuries.