Getting sick in cabs, there's really no protocol on how to handle the situation, and in the past it's even led to physical assault. The latest tale of cab sickness has made it to the NY Post, where they report a 6-year-old boy got sick in the back seat of a cab, which he was riding in with his mom Shamie Cuthbert near Lincoln Center on Saturday night.

The two were headed home to Washington Heights when the boy became ill, and Cuthbert told the paper, "I leaned over into the front of the cab and said [to the driver], 'As soon as we get home, my husband will come down with cleaning products, and I will clean everything up.'" Fair enough, no? The cabbie—Nahidul Islam—wasn't satisfied with that deal, however, and allegedly shouted, "This isn't right! You need to give me $120, or I can't use my cab! I am going to lose a lot of money today!" (According to the TLC, passengers are encouraged to compensate the driver for lost time but "there is no provision in our rules for such a fee.")

Islam called 911, but the police told him they could not force Cuthbert to pay him $120—the amount he said he would need to pay a crew of expert "Mexican cleaners" in Queens to remove the vomit smell from his car. He says he also lost $200 in fares that night after potential passengers didn't want to ride in the allegedly malodorous car.