We've done many dubious things to prove our parents wrong (we still owe you one, Peruvian consul!) but hailing a cab from LaGuardia to LA strikes us as the ballsiest. John Belitsky's father, a former New York City cab driver, told his son that there was no chance he could catch a ride that far. But that's exactly what Belitsky and a pal did, for $5,000.

"We got a Catholic, a Jew, and a Muslim," Belitsky told 9News Denver, referring to their lucky cabbie Mohammad Alam, who is receiving $2,000 more than the previous winner of a massive cross-country fare, Doulgas Guldeniz, who took adorable Forest Hills couple Bob and Betty Matas all the way to Arizona. Then again, two grand might barely cover the air freshener bills or crazy gas prices.

Alam told his shocked family "no, crying. I will be fine. I'll come back very soon." Yes, but after 2,800 miles, with wicked lumbar pain and a crippling addiction to Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies. Belisky's Twitter feed indicates that the trio, in what looks like a hybrid SUV, is close to LA, but that Alam is "dangerously tired" from the drive. Here's hoping that all the cabbies who refuse to take us to Brooklyn keep things in perspective.