Michael Enright, the film student accused of stabbing a cab driver last week, was indicted on charges of second-degree attempted murder and first-degree assault as hate crimes yesterday. The 21-year-old Enright faces eight to 25 years if convicted of stabbing taxi driver Ahmed Sharif. But Enright's lawyer shot back an accusation that a snooping reporter stole files from their defense case.

Lawyer Lawrence M. Fisher, Enright's second lawyer, told a Manhattan judge that he thought a member of the press took the defense files, belonging to the lawyer who initially represented Enright last week at his arraignment. The files contained privileged information from a conversation with Enright, and were later recovered by a detective, who turned it over to prosecutors. Fisher also complained that members of the press had tried to visit Enright, who is current being held without bail at Bellevue Hospital's psychiatric ward.

The Wall Street Journal adds more details about the night of the attack: police confirmed that before the incident, Enright had been drinking for about four hours. When he was caught, police found an empty Scotch bottle and six notebooks in his backpack; after being arrested, Mr. Enright is alleged to have repeatedly told detectives he was a "Patriot."