Today, a State Supreme Court Judge denied bail to Michael Enright, the 21-year-old student charged with attacking a Muslim cab driver because of his race earlier this month. As Enright was ordered to remain in custody at Bellevue Hospital Center until he was given medical clearance, new filings by prosecutors revealed a more detailed portrait of Enright the night he attacked cab driver Ahmed Sharif, captured through some of his less-than-admirable rants to police, in which he insults them, alleges he was in the army, and claims religious persecution for two different religions.

After confirming that Sharif was Muslim, Enright ranted at the driver, then slashed and stabbed him with a knife, but Sharif was able to lock him in the back of the cab. When police took him into custody, they said that Enright was "highly intoxicated." According to the Times, first he told police that he had been attacked and was only defending himself. He said he was a patriot and had been in the army (he hadn't; he had filmed a documentary about a Marine unit in Afghanistan), then ranted: “I have to go home and see my mother. A friend of mine who works for the M.T.A. is going to help me out. My aunt is dying. You’re persecuting me because I am Irish Catholic.”

He called one cop a "coward," asked another if they were going to beat him up, and then said: “You are a stupid broad. You allow them to blow up buildings in this country. Are you going to bang my head on the door?” After they got to the 17th precinct, he changed his mind about his religion: “I’m Jewish. You are going to ruin the entire Jewish race by locking me up.”;

He also admitted to drinking a pint of Scotch earlier that day (he was caught with an empty bottle of Scotch in his back pocket). In an ambulance, Enright offered an Arabic greeting and then chimed in, “Do you like salami and bacon?” He followed that by asking an officer, “Have you ever left the country? You are a coward. You weren’t over there.”