Michael Enright, the 21-year-old student charged with attacking a Muslim cab driver because of his race last month, was released on $500,000 bail yesterday. As conditions of his bail, Enright must wear an electronic monitoring device, can't leave New York State, and had to surrender his passport. He also will have an 8 p.m. curfew, has to sign up for alcohol and mental health treatments, and he's not allowed to go to any bar or club that serves alcohol. Of course, if the Post had it their way, there would be one more condition: stay away from any and all cab drivers.

Enright's parents put up a $250,000 CD and their $300,000 home in Brewster to secure the bond. Enright didn't respond to questions as he left the courthouse yesterday afternoon arm-in-arm with his mother. His lawyers have already intimated that they will argue that he was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (and alcoholism) from his time spent filming a documentary in Afghanistan when he attacked cab driver Ahmed Sharif, nearly killing him. He is due back in court on Dec. 9.