The TLC has revoked a cab driver's license after a female passenger accused him of sexually harassing her during a ride home from LaGuardia Airport. Pakistani native Mirza Baig, 22, had been working as a cabbie for seven months when he picked up the unidentified fare at the airport one night in March. During the ride, Baig asked the woman if she had a boyfriend (she lied and said yes) and then proceeded to ask a number of increasingly personal questions:

He “asked whether she was going to her boyfriend’s house. He then asked who she would be sleeping with that night and whether she would be sleeping with her boyfriend,” the ruling states.

Baig told her they should “get together,” the decision adds. When they got to her apartment, Smith said she gave Baig a tip of 15 to 20 percent, “wanting not to anger him” — even though he declined to help with her luggage.

“He then yelled out the window, ‘Are you sure you don’t want to, you know, come back with me?’ ” the record states.

For some reason, the woman opted not to get back in the cab and go home with Baig. Instead, the report says she raised her middle finger and then turned to enter her apartment. According to a copy of the report obtained by the Post, as she "fiddled with her keys in an attempt to enter her apartment, [Baig] stared at her from the cab and ended the encounter by telling her, “You have a real nice ass, baby,’ before driving away."

Baig's attorney argued that "he was genuinely flirting with her and meant no disrespect." But an administrative law judge ruled that Baig was a "threat to the riding public," finding his conduct "unprofessional, crude and offensive and it deserves the severest punishment."

The incident is just the latest disturbing reminder for women that the inside of a cab is not always a safe place. Of course, the outside of a cab isn't exactly safe either. But at least Baig will no longer be operating a taxi; if he'd maimed someone he'd still be behind the wheel.