The Bronx District Attorney's Office has not charged a green taxi driver who fatally struck a 5-year-old girl and a 25-year-old man last month, even after the Taxi and Limousine Commission stripped him of his TLC license.

According to Streetsblog, the unidentified driver who allegedly jumped a curb on March 20th and killed Kadeem Brown, 25, and Tierre Clark, 5, has neither been arrested by police nor charged by Bronx DA Robert Johnson. A spokesperson with the NYPD told us the investigation is still ongoing—there have been no recorded updates since March 21st—and no summonses have been handed out. The TLC yanked the driver's license soon after the collision, citing the possibility that he was "was having a medical episode" at the time of the incident.

Witness and police reports say the 44-year-old driver struck a parked car before mounting a curb, killing Brown and Clark and injuring two other people. Graphic video of the collision taken from a nearby bodega shows the driver striking Brown with such force that he is flung across the street:

Johnson's office tells us that their investigation is also ongoing. "Every case gets investigated," spokesperson Terry Raskyn told us. "We can't say what charges will be filed in due time."

The Bronx DA's office has also not charged Sonia Rodriguez, the 55-year-old driver accused of backing up onto a curb outside a school in Kingsbridge and killing 8-year-old Rylee Ramos in October. In December, the DA's office told us that investigation was ongoing, and charges may still be filed; Raskyn told us today that there have been no updates regarding that investigation.