Cabbies, be careful! A cab driver claims that a passenger attacked him over a $7 fare argument, chomping down on the driver's ear so hard that 11 stitches were needed to close the wound. On top of that, when the driver called the cops, they allegedly told him he would be arrested if he filed a complaint.

Cabbie Haroon Rashid was dropping off a fare near 10th Avenue and 57th Street on Sunday night when the passenger refused to pay. The two got into it, with the passenger punching and eventually biting Rashid, who showed ABC the nasty scars to prove it. That's some straight-up Mike Tyson style action!

"I was feeling shock that this passenger I just served would punch me and try to choke me then bite me. Then the police just let him go, like my blood was nothing. I was helpless like I never feel in 15 years of driving," Rashid told the New York Taxi Workers Alliance.

Naturally, Rashid called the cops, but when they arrived, they reportedly told Rashid that if he filed a complaint, he would be arrested too. So Rashid declined, and the cops let the passenger go. Bhairavi Desai of the Alliance says that this isn't the first time the cops have treated cabbies like "second-class citizens," and she's pressuring the NYPD and the Department of Investigations to look into the incident further.