Maybe sleeping on a busy subway is safer than sleeping in a cab—at least with the former you are most likely only going to have one thing stolen: your soul. On December 5th a cab driver may have taken advantage of one woman's sleep state and solitude. According to the NY Post, the driver is now the prime suspect in the theft of her phone and engagement ring, which she believes he stole while she was sleeping on the drive to her destination.

On December 5th she hailed the cab around 3 a.m. and when she arrived at her home at 13th Street and Sixth Avenue, she was awoken and paid her fare—it wasn't until hours later she realized she was missing items. Oddly enough, the driver eventually called the woman and "said he wanted to return the items—including the phone, which had already been used to make calls to Pakistan." However, when she went to meet him at the Lower East Side meeting place they set up, he was a no show.

From now on, if you're sleepy on your way home, it's probably a good idea to chug some Four Loko first.