An 18-year-old cyclist was left in critical condition after being struck by a yellow cab on Park Avenue at 108th Street last night. According to an FDNY spokesman, the man was hit by a Ford SUV taxi at around 7:47 p.m. and went into cardiac arrest before being removed to Mount Sinai Hospital. A police spokesman could not confirm whether the department's Accident Investigation Squad investigated the incident, but noted that there is no criminality suspected. "In this case, they should have been there," the spokesman said, "but I can't tell you if they were or not."

The NYPD spokesman had no additional details on the incident, such as what direction the cyclist was traveling or whether the taxi had a green light at 108th Street. At this intersection, both Park Avenue and 108th are one-way streets.

Last week a coalition of City Councilmembers held a press conference in front of City Hall to propose a series on non-binding resolutions that would call on the NYPD's chronically undermanned Accident Investigation Squad to more thoroughly investigate traffic crashes involving pedestrians and cyclists. Currently AIS only investigates fatal or near-fatal incidents.

"The police I speak to say they don't disagree this is an arbitrary line, that line past which they won't investigate an accident unless it's fatal," Councilmember Peter Vallone told us last week. "But they say, 'We don't have the resources and we have to draw that line somewhere.' "