Ahmed Sharif, the cab driver who was brutally stabbed by a drunken passenger last week, will miss at least four months of work because of his injuries. He turned to the New York Taxi Workers Alliance this weekend for help in raising money for his family. "He can't even pick up his baby because of the wounds to his arms. He can't turn his neck," said Bhairavi Desai, executive director for the Alliance. But his real hero turned out to be CNN!

At a press conference Friday, Desai announced that the union was creating a fund for the family, and asked for donations to be directed here. Sharif, who met with Mayor Bloomberg last week, is the sole provider for his family, including his wife (who "cannot work") and four children. He doesn't get healthy insurance or disability, and receives two-thirds of his salary (about $30,000 a year) in worker's compensation. But despite the fund, the money didn't come in immediately; up through Sunday, there was only enough money to "barely cover baby formula," said Desai.

But CNN featured the story on Sunday, and since then, more then $30,000 has been donated to Sharif from around the world. Well CNN, this doesn't quite make up for putting OJ Simpson on Campbell's Soup, but it's a start.