A livery cab driver decided to keep the change when a foreign tourist didn't have anything smaller than a hundred and unwittingly ended up with a baby on board. 42-year-old Jean Pierre Lesly picked up a woman and her three children who had all just arrived from Nigeria yesterday morning, driving them from JFK to the Upper West Side's Milburn Hotel. When the 42-year-old cab driver from Huntington didn't have enough change for her $68 fare, he ran into a nearby laundromat to break the Benjamin. When Lesly returned and didn't see the woman, he decided to hit the road and pocket the full hundred. As a police source told the News, "He boogies, thinking he is going to get the extra $32." Bur Lesly quickly realized that he had inadvertently turned the woman into a really generous tipper when he spotted that her baby was still sleeping in his backseat. Upon returning the child, he was greeted by cops who arrested him for petty larceny. Despite the napping kid, he avoided a kidnapping rap, but did rack up a couple more charges when cops discovered he was driving his own car without a TLC license and had a suspended driver's license as well.