A livery cab driver and allegedly terrible friend from the Bronx was arrested this week after a buddy accused him of stealing his $50K Powerball ticket. Remember, lottery winners, that the world is a dark place and the Curse of the Lotto is real indeed. Hi, Robinson family!

Victor Castillo, 66, says he gave then-pal Rubeline Segura, 40, his tickets after last week's $1.6 billion Powerball drawing, in hopes that he would check them at a local bodega. But according to Castillo, once Segura realized one of those slips of paper was worth some major cash, he lied to Castillo and told him the tickets were worthless.

Luckily, Castillo saved his original play slip and figured out Segura was giving him the runaround—he alerted police and marked the ticket stolen, so when Segura tried to cash it at the Empire City Casino at the Yonkers Raceway, workers denied him the winnings. Segura was eventually arrested.

One of Segura's coworkers was surprised to hear he was such a crappy buddy. "He nice guy. He nice man,” Frank Bobole told CBS 2. But a winning ticket changes you, man.