Yesterday evening a cab barreled into the Capital One bank on 69th Street and Broadway, taking down a traffic signal, a pedestrian crossing signal and a 32-year-old woman walking on the sidewalk. Cab driver Malkit Singh says he was rear ended while waiting at a red light on Broadway and smashed into the bank with a 46-year-old female passenger inside. Both of the women were taken to the hospital.

Neither driver was injured or charged, but we're wondering just how hard the other car must have rear ended Singh to send his cab flying through the bank's floor to ceiling windows. Witnesses say the pedestrian was lying face down on the sidewalk but could talk, and the passenger reportedly suffered non-life-threatening neck and back injuries. One witness told NY1, "I mean I've never seen that kind of damage before. And to see the lightpost like laying over like that and the entire side of the building smashed in. I just thank God nobody was seriously injured. That's amazing."