Photos courtesy of the Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages

This morning the Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages sent over some photos of the aftermath of a carriage horse and cab crash, noting that "carriage horses are accidents waiting to happen—at 2000+ pounds, they become unwitting weapons when spooked and a serious public safety issue. This is not some quaint 18th century beloved tradition." Even the American Girl Place retail chain has canceled the horse-drawn carriage rides they had planned throughout the summer, agreeing that it's inhumane.

Regarding last night's accident, the Daily News reports that three tourists and a hansom cab driver were injured when a taxi struck them just outside of Central Park just before midnight (thought the Post reports that six were injured). The cab rear-ended the carriage, and "a lady was thrown out of the carriage, all the way to the sidewalk." The horse and buggy were knocked over, with the carriage on top of the horse, according to one witness.