Oh dear. Word just came in over the newswire that a horse and buggy has been struck on East 60th Street and 5th Avenue. The report says there are "2 aided at this point," and we'll update as soon as more information becomes available. Hopefully the horse is okay, but either way this will surely give animal rights activists more evidence that horses shouldn't be lugging tourists around the crowded streets of NYC.

UPDATE: Elizabeth Forel of the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages writes in, saying "A taxi going south on Fifth Avenue turned into Grand Army Plaza and plowed into a carriage, knocking it over and smashing it. It is not known if there were any passengers. The taxi continued, crashing into a short wall and causing damage. The horse bolted but is probably OK. The carriage driver looked 'severely injured' according to one bystander—removed to an ambulance on a stretcher with a neck/head brace The taxi driver was also hospitalized." We'll update when we get further details on the conditions of the horse and humans.