For the third time in recent weeks a livery driver has been brutally attacked while on the job. Last night around 10:30 p.m. Dame Ndiaje was shot in the arm and chin after picking up three men and a woman outside 1373 Pacific Street in Crown Heights. Ndiaje survived but is fighting for his life, according to the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers.

Details from last night are still murky, but Ndiaje "may have picked up an illegal street hail." According to police Ndiaje was not robbed in the incident. But that doesn't make the recent uptick in gun violence on livery drivers any less disturbing. On November 13 driver Patrick Hall was shot to death near Rockaway Park, and then on November 19 driver Suzzath Ali was carjacked by three people he'd picked up on another illegal street hail in the Bronx.

"We lost Patrick Hall in Queens two weeks ago. We are caring for Mr. Ali, who got carjacked and pistol-whipped—requiring 50 stitches across his face—in the Bronx, and now Dame Ndiaje, who was shot three times, two in the arm and one in the chin, in Brooklyn," NYSFTD spokesman Fernando Mateo said. "Picking up street hails in the outer boroughs is not legal and will never be a good idea."

Trying to make street hails in the outer boroughs easier and safer has been one of Mayor Bloomberg's pet projects during his third term.