First, there was talk that Madonna had engaged a divorce lawyer. Then there were rumors Madonna's potential split with Guy Ritchie was due to an affair with Yankee superstar Alex Rodriguez. Now, things have gotten really crazy with suggestions that A-Rod's wife Cynthia has left him for...Lenny Kravitz!

Sources told Perez Hilton A-Rod is not having an affair with the Material Girl but he's actually the one being cheated on. The Rodriguezes' troubles have been well-documented--namely A-Rod's relationship with a busty blond stripper that landed him on the cover of the Post. But they seemed to work things out, spending New Year's together, and welcoming their second baby earlier this year.

The Post claims C-Rod has been in Paris with Kravitz, who happens to share the same manager as A-Rod and Madonna, the past few days, leaving the Babies-Rod in Miami. While C-Rod's mom told the Daily News her daughter is not in Paris with Kravitz ("She's not! I know that."), she didn't comment about whether her daughter had separated from the slugger. A family friend, though, told the News the couple was now living apart, "They've been having problems for about three months."

So, basically this much we know: A-Rod and C-Rod are having marriage difficulties. Lenny Kravitz, who did co-write "Justify My Love" for Madonna, is in Paris. And Madonna is in New York and has attended a Yankees game in recent weeks. Gawker made a flowchart, to help some people.

Update: Lenny Kravitz tells the Daily News he's not having an affair with C-Rod but that he isletting her stay in his Paris apartment "to escape from everything happening in New York City." They are just friends.