The C train rolled back into stations yesterday. People were so excited and astonished, people were so excited about seeing the c train - their reactions made Gothamist feel like it might be 1904, when NYC first got the subway! On the other hand, maybe the MTA was just giving us a kick in the pants to further justify the fare hike which comes next month. Mayor Michael Bloomberg took the opportunity to say, "When times get tough, nobody wants to go face the issue that you have to go and invest in infrastructure and maintenance. And if you don't then someday you have a disaster and it could be an economic disaster or it could be a service disaster." Nice one, Mayor B! You go and be passive-aggressive in your bitching about Governor Pataki's weak funding of the MTA...it's not like the city can't do anything!

The City Council is meeting about fire safety in the subways. You'd think there'd be some sort of resolution (by the MTA, the City, whomever is in charge, we don't know) about this after God knows how long.