Photos via the AP

Yesterday C-4 explosives were discovered at the New York City Marble Cemetery, located (though practically hidden) on 2nd Street in the East Village. A detonating device wasn't found, however, meaning the blocks of C-4 could not have exploded.

Today, the NY Times has some more details, noting that a volunteer discovered the decaying garbage bag filled with 10 pounds of the stuff on Sunday, during Open House NY... but it was actually discovered last May for the first time. A caretaker had discovered it and simply put it under a tree, where it has been sitting for over a year. Cemetery board member Andrew Knox told the volunteer who found the C-4 to toss it in the trash, thinking it was a movie prop or too old to be effective. The volunteer complied, but had second thoughts Monday and called the police.

Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly says he does not believe the aging explosives are linked to a terrorism plot, though he did tell the awaiting press that "this amount of material was used in the London bombings in 2005. Inside the building, obviously, it could have caused an awful lot of damage." He also noted that investigators found a message written in what appeared to be chalk on the sidewalk in front of the cemetery that said, “I really hope one of you find this.”

The paper notes that the neighborhood is known for its history of political radicalism, and that the Hells Angels clubhouse is just a half block away—though their lawyer says they know nothing about the C-4. Another note was found on a police cruiser at the Ninth Precinct station house yesterday, saying, “Stop putting Christ on Second Street." It was signed by Jesus Christ. And with that, the investigation continues...