2006_11_ltrainshooting.jpgA Metrocard scam. Gang members. A crowded L train station. Yesterday afternoon, a fight broke out between two men, and a bystander ended up dead. Fifty six year old Toolsie Sukhu, an immigrant who was headed home from a security guard job at the Brooklyn Pepsi plant, was shot in the back at the Rockaway Park Station in Canarsie. Apparently, some men were pulling the "give us $1 and we'll swipe you in" Metrocard scam that escalated when four other men came by. A fight broke out and someone pulled out a gun. Shots were fired and people, including many students from Canarsie High School, ran. Sukhu was shot when he entered the station.

The police took 23 year old Dwayne Holmes and 19 year old Kendall Bennet into custody; they have not been charged yet. Another 20 year old involved in the fight was shot and is at Brookdale Hospital; a dispatcher for a car service nearby was hit by shell casing. A witness told WABC 7 that the gunmen looked like gang members, "They all had Blood flags on them and they was doing the Blood handshakes and stuff so you could tell they were gang bangers."

Sukhu's son 18 year old son lamented to the Post, "It's not fair, I don't think it's fair how he died." His brother-in-law mentioned that Sukhu's wife had recently died as well and said, "Innocent lives are going all the time. They need to stiffen security at the stations."