It's been a while since we had a bonafide New York City landmark used in the service of a BASE jump—probably because it usually involves illegal behavior and incredible danger. An NYU student from Canada had big dreams of doing just that by BASE jumping off the Empire State building. But after being caught scouting for his jump, he's now being sued by the building's management to prevent him from ever setting foot in the building again.

The Post reports that NYU student Brennan Parson is being sued by the management company of the Empire State Building after Parson was found taking pictures in a restricted area of an unoccupied floor. Parson also broke the glass in a revolving glass door in a failed attempt to escape from security.

The suit seeks $350,000 in damages from the xtreme teen, as well as a legal order to bar him from ever setting foot in the Empire State Building ever again, based on a tweet Parson sent in 2012:

Parson isn't the first person to try, and fail, to BASE jump from the Empire State Building. However, he didn't make it nearly as far as Jeb Corliss, who was caught hanging off the edge of the building after his attempt in 2006. And while on the one hand Parson might wind up with a restraining order that prevents him from ever achieving his dreams, he does have a good story to tell at college parties about how the Empire State Building sued him. As always, you can't keep a good teen down.