This weekend's temperatures probably won't have you sweating in your sleep, but Gothamist does think it's not a bad idea to get a jump on summer air conditioner sales before things get too hot. There's nothing worse than waiting to buy one until you can't stand it anymore, only to discover that all units in a 5-mile radius have been sold. Unless cold showers and noisy fans are really worth $200 savings to you, consider these thoughts.

Gothamist checked in with some of the city's major appliance stores this morning. Here's the 411 on air conditioner availability so far:

J&R Music and Computer World--Very few in stock, but they expect to get some in the next few weeks. (This goes for the website, too, because all units come from the same warehouse.)

PCRichard & Son--Full stock available, in stores and online.

Target--Gothamist called the one in Elmhurst, Queens that's accessible via subway. (If you haven't been...GO!) Full stock available, in that store and, the clerk was nearly certain, online.

Best Buy--Gothamist called the Chelsea location on 23rd and 6th. Full stock available, in stores and online (though the online stock may vary from what's in the store).

Gothamist has purchased air conditioners from J&R and PCRichard. J&R was great in terms of price and selection--and the delivery guy trucked the unit all the way up 6 flights of stairs! Gothamist hit the PCRichard on Atlantic and Flatbush last Memorial Day. It was crazy in there, and to call the sales guys aggressive would be an understatement. But the price was right, and we had a friend throw the air conditioner in the back of his car and drive it home for us. Huge.