They didn't quite get a helmet catch, but after a thrilling game with a dramatic last drive, the Giants came back to defeat the New England Patriots and win Super Bowl XLVI 21-17. An estimated 111 million U.S. viewers watched as the Giants became the first 9-7 team to win the Super Bowl. Mario Manningham's fourth quarter catch with less than four minutes left in the game was one of the defining plays, setting up Brandon Jacob's butt-first, clock-eating game-winning touchdown. And in case you were wondering, the game finished at 9:55 p.m.

It was a rematch of 2008 Super Bowl XLII, and it ended up having the same result. Eli Manning ended with just under 300 yards, the Pats had a safety in the first quarter, and Victor Cruz had a touchdown in the first half; nevertheless, it turned out to be a game dominated by defense.

Although the Giants dominated the ball most of the first half, the Pats were winning 10-9 at halftime, and seemed to be carrying the momentum into the half.
Ahmad Bradshaw had the decisive six-yard touchdown run with 57 seconds left, and he chose to go in butt-first to take more time off the clock—it was weird, but it worked, despite the Giants not making the two-point conversion. You can see the animated .gif of it here.

Will Leitch wrote, "It is perhaps fitting, in a surreal, oh why not sort of way, that the game-winning touchdown in one of the pants-tighteningly tense Super Bowls of our lifetime featured a defense begging the opposing team to score and an offense desperately trying not to." Manning now has more Super Bowl rings than his brother Peyton Manning.

In celebration of the victory, the city is holding a Championship Ceremony at City Hall Plaza at 11 AM on Tuesday, Februray 7th. Tomorrow at 9 AM, you can click, text, or call 311 for your chance to win 2 VIP seats for the ceremony.

It seems the Giants official website didn't jinx them when they briefly declared Super Bowl victory on Saturday. As El Bloombito so elegantly put it, "Que sucko it Nuevo Englañdo! Viva Los Giañtos!!"