2006_05_biohazbag.jpgPolice are shocked at how a Bronx murderer disposed of his boss's body: He chopped up the body and dispersed the part throughout the Longwood section of the Bronx. They believe that Victor Gonzalez was tired of being pushed around by Wilfredo Pinto, who supervised him at a roofing company, with others describing Gonzalez as "timid" and "shy" and Pinto as "intimidating." Gonzalez confessed that he attacked Pinto with a hammer and then cut him up with three boning knives; the Daily News' police source said the former butcher "was sorta proud of his handiwork, of his nice, clean lines and the clean cutting at the joints." Then Gonzalez tried to borrow a neighbor's shopping cart to haul the bags holding the body and sheets away, but the neighbor turned him down, so Gonzalez had to make many trips to get rid of the body.

Another source of tension between Gonzalez and Pinto: Gonzalez's roommate, Sandra Estrada, who was dating Pinto. It's unclear whether or not Gonzalez and Estrada did have a relationship; the Post says they didn't, the Daily News said they did.

Image from WNBC